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EVO Earns its Excellence

I've been to Portland ME a handful of times, most recently in Jan 18 and I'm so fortunate to have found EVO a few months ago.

With the location you might think its a hotel restaurant, but I can assure you it's not. 

The flavors, the freshness, the attention to detail, the staff are all impeccable. 

Grab a seat at the open kitchen bar, have Michelle make you a cocktail, get started with the chickpea fries and watch the staff do its evo thing. 

I'd like to think those fries are healthy because they're certainly tasty.

I didnt choose my fave Gnocchi dish this time, but did try the oh so tender lamb with pasta pillows. 

In addition the chef surprised us with a wonderful falafal dish and a new dessert, what I might call chocolate/cranberry heaven.

Evo, by itself, is worth a trip to Portland!