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PORKoLicious Tenderloin in The Field

December 29th 2018 roadtrip. 

 Finding myself on an end of year Delta mini mileage run I was driving from Indianapolis to Columbus when I decided to stop in Greenfield Indiana at The Mug,  the third-ranked restaurant on TripAdvisor. I ventured off of I 70 East and drove about 4 miles to find a small drive up car hop type of restaurant that reminds you of a small town ice cream shop , if you drive  past the church you've gone too far.

 I ventured inside where I found about 8 counter stools and ordered the pork tenderloin sandwich, a vanilla shake and the garlic fries as recommended by the cashier, my first instinct was the onion rings however I passed. I must say the pork tenderloin sandwich was as advertised WOW, it would've  taken at least three buns to cover the pork however I chose to pick it apart piece by piece and enjoy the moist tenderloin inside the crispy deep fried breading essentially pushing my bun to the side. Definitely stop by, its worth the 10 minute drive.  

The pork  alone is worth the visit however I was much too full to enjoy the garlic fries as they didnt quite do It for me.( I had onion ring envy toward the lady on my left)  The vanilla milk shake was also okay,  but I would simply get a cup of water and enjoy that tasty pork tenderloin sandwich at The  Mug in Greenfield IN